Here they are, at last! Your brand new baby. With everything that comes with having a newborn baby, how busy you become and how quickly they grow, it is not surprising that you can easily forget how small they are to start with.

This is where I come in. I know it can seem like a lot, to get yourselves up and out, to go to a studio for a photoshoot within the first couple of weeks after having your baby. But my studio is a home from home, where you can sit down in comfort and relax, while I create beautiful photographs of your precious newborn baby.

I have a lovely selection of outfits, wraps and props to use in your session, and I give you a call beforehand so that we can chat about what photos are the most important for us to capture as well as what colours you want me to use.

studio photo of newborn baby wrapped in grey blanket on fur by Didcot photographer Verity Thewlis

Your Baby Photoshoot

Newborn baby photoshoots are scheduled in for about two weeks after you have had your baby. This means that hopefully you and baby will have recovered somewhat from the delivery and baby should be feeding well. Doing the photoshoot early on also means that (hopefully) your baby is still super sleepy, which means that we can move and pose them without upsetting them, and the photoshoot itself takes less time (so you can get back home quicker!).

Although of course the session is led by the baby, so if we need to stop for a feed/change/cuddle then we do, as baby's safety and wellbeing is my top priority. A newborn photoshoot can take anywhere from one to four hours, so it is best to not schedule anything else that morning! The longer sessions are normally because all of the family wants to get involved, which I love! This is the perfect opportunity to get an up to date family photo.

a baby lies in a basinet, white lace and blanket underneath. On a green background with some flowers.

And Remember

Another thing to remember is, just like you and me, all babies will move and pose differently. I have trained with some of the top newborn photographers in England, with input from midwives and doctors, on how to safely and correctly pose newborn babies. This means that I am constantly watching how your baby reacts and will never force them into a pose or position they are uncomfortable in.

I often start my sessions by wrapping baby up, this helps them to settle and we can photograph them awake or asleep.

I will use a selection of different wraps and set ups to take photos of your baby, with a couple including parents or siblings, before moving on to the more posed images of baby in a little outfit.

A young couple pose holding their newborn baby in a photo shoot in Didcot

After the shoot

You will receive a full gallery of about 20 beautiful images to choose from within 14 days of your session with the possibility to purchase all of your images and to place an order for frames or albums when you view your images.

I know how busy you will be with a new baby, so all of this can be done from the comfort of your own home.

So that you don't miss out on this opportunity, it is advisable to book your newborn photoshoot during pregnancy. That way I can save a couple of dates around your due date for you, ensuring you don't miss out on these priceless first photos.

A photoshoot costs £150, I have a selection of packages available to buy after your session starting at £300.

photos from newborn photoshoot displayed in frames above sofa



“My 10.5 month old son and I had a 'Mummy & Me' shoot, which includes some breastfeeding shots too.
Verity was very professional and friendly, and didn't bat an eyelid. She is very good at what she does, and was very good with my little boy, when he wasn't overly cooperative!
Definitely recommend Verity to get your shots of your new baby.
She was also very accommodating and flexible with viewing times so my fiancé could join us after work.
Great service, beautiful photos, and a happy lady.