pregnant maternity photo posed in Didcot studio wearing a red tulle dress
dramatic black and white photo of pregnant woman, the light outlining the shape of her bump
portrait of a pregnant woman, sitting wrapped in blue silk with flowers in her hair
portrait of a pregnant woman with flowing white silk around her
a pregnant woman poses for a portrait with blue silk flowing behind her
portrait of a pregnant woman in a gold dress, she looks down at her bump with her hands on her heart
portrait of a pregnant woman, posing holding her bump with gold silk flowing around her
backlit portrait of a pregnant woman in a sheer cream robe
pregnant woman poses for a photograph wearing a white dress
pregnant woman and partner pose for a photo with their eyes closed, he holds her from behind as she holds her bump


What a wonderful time, you are creating life within you. Is it your first baby? Only baby? Miracle baby? Or definitely your last baby? Whatever way, this is such a special moment in time for you, and I would like to capture it in beautiful portraits that speak of your strength and grace.

The best time to get in touch about a session is early on in your pregnancy just after your 20 week scan, then we can look ahead and book you a date sometime in between 30 and 36 weeks. This is so that your baby will have grown enough to give you a nice round belly, but not so late in the pregnancy that you are finding it difficult to move around.

studio photo of pregnant lady laying in green dress

Your Session

During the session it is just us, and we move slowly and gently through the poses, so that you are comfortable and relaxed during the whole shoot. I have a small selection of outfits that you are welcome to borrow or you may choose to bring your own, I will work only with what you are able and happy to do.

Partners and children are more than welcome to join in but the focus of this photo session will be on you and your pregnancy.

We will photograph two different outfits or looks and the session lasts about one hour, we will take any rest breaks you need as my priority is keeping you feeling comfortable.

I know how busy you will be preparing for your baby's arrival, that's why I've made choosing and purchasing your photographs as quick and easy as possible for you. You will receive a fully finished gallery of your beautiful images within 14 days of your shoot from which you can choose which ones you would like to purchase. All of this can be done online from the comfort of your own home.

A pregnant woman poses for a photoshoot with blue silk flowing over her she smiles gently at the camera