When you have a new baby you can find yourself captivated by their every move. It feels like every detail of their face has been imprinted on your mind, and you want to capture each day as they grow.

baby laying on her back and stretching
baby sleeping on parents bed in front of window
baby sleeping on her back wearing a blue tutu

First find a window.

Normally the one in the main bedroom is a good choice, have a look to see what time of day you get nice even light coming in, you want to avoid direct sunlight so whenever the sun is on the other side of the house is good or a cloudy day.

Lay your baby side on to the window or with their head closest to the window, this isn't halloween, so we don't want the light shining up their nose. This is a great opportunity to get above them and document their stretches and inquisitive gaze as they look around the room. Or you can take the photo from further out, including more of your bed and room, as this will show off how tiny and cute your baby is in relation to their surroundings.

Don't forget to also capture all their cute expressions. In the first few days babies can struggle to focus on anything, but after a few weeks, you will find that they will start to watch you and react when you talk to them.

baby looking curiously up at camera
baby in pink headband looking at camera
baby starting to smile while looking at camera
baby laying a gazing up at you
close up of baby toes
close up of baby hair
close up of baby lips
side profile of baby's face

Second capture the details.

The flaky skin, whether you find that cute or gross, only lasts a very short while. Their teeny tiny toes or the way their hair sticks up after a bath. These are the little details that you think you will remember forever, but just to be safe, capture them in photos. Also don't always take your photos from straight on, move around your baby to discover different angles.

As well as capturing the tiny details you love about your baby, think about the details surrounding them. How small are they compared to your hands or that special bear Grandma gave them? Or how little they look laying in the moses basket. These are ways you can measure their growth and it really is a treat to look back on the pictures later.

A father cradles his new baby in his hands
a baby sleeps in a moses basket
close up of a baby's face gently held in the parents hands
baby tucked in bed with a toy elephant
baby tucked in bed with fresh flowers either side
baby sticking out her tongue, tucked in bed with lots of teddies

Third keep it simple.

You may want to show off your awesome swaddling skills or a bespoke knitted blanket with their name on, but keep in mind that too many things in an image may make it look cluttered. You do want the focus to be on the baby rather than everything else don't you? Also, don't stress about getting the perfect photo, that is what us professional photographers are for. You focus on the little moments and go with the flow, even if that means spending the whole day (or week) in pyjamas, hold your baby close and enjoy this miraculous, crazy and very short time in your life. Before you know it they will be a big baby starting to sit up!

Let's finish with some safety tips. The main one being; don't use your phone/camera flash when close to your baby. (professional studio flashes are never pointed directly at the baby and are always diffused behind fabric), so that it is never a bare light flashing in their eyes. Also, and this one is obvious, don't leave your baby on a high surface without someone within close reaching distance. You never know when a baby will startle and they could push themselves off. Lastly, never try to pose the baby to replicate professional photographs you have seen. I have been on numerous and regular training days to be able to safely pose babies, many of the photos you see will have had photoshop magic to remove the hands that were supporting the baby. Stay safe and take care x

P.S. Remember to print your photos!